What is Automatic Sauce Reduction (ASR)? What are its Benefits?

Automatic Meal Cookers are increasingly popular with working couples, restaurants, bakeries and patisseries for the various advantages they provide. They offer a range ofattractive features of cooking with minimum human intervention – from intelligent programming to automatic cooking to meal planning with delayed cooking. 

The following are some of the dishes you can cook in an automatic meal cooker: 

  • Breakfast dishes: boiled eggs, frittatas, oatmeal and other breakfast cereals
  • Whole meals and side dishes: Pork roast, steamed vegetables, cheese-burgers
  • Soups, stews and porridges
  • Grains and beans other than just rice
  • Snacks and desserts like hummus, tapioca pudding, poached fruit, cheesecake and banana bread 

Common problems with gravy dishes 

Most recipes that we have received through generations factor cooking with ovens or open stoves. Not all of them are optimized for cooking in an automatic meal cooker, which might lead to various issues. Meat can get overcooked or undercooked, dishes with rice or other grains cooked unevenly, and fruits and desserts may turn mushy, etc. 

Gravy dishes like Asian curries, soups, stews and porridges face another problem. Most of them end up being too watery, which dilutes the flavors and ruins the gustatory experience. It takes several trial-and-error attempts to get the right consistency. This can be a luxury that working people can ill-afford. 

How ASR beats the problem 

Electric and automatic meal cookers are, by design, made for slow cooking. They do not generate the pressure that is found in pressure cookers. This offers various advantages. In pressure cookers, temperature and pressure factors cannot be controlled, and so the final quality of the dish cannot be ensured. 

E15A overcomes this problem very effectively. It uses a patented design technique called Automatic Sauce Reduction. If the input of water or juices is more than required, the E15A automatically modifies the heat and cooking duration, so that the sauce is reduced or its quantity optimized. 

The timer automatically readjusts itself, within a maximum limit of 11 hours, 59 minutes. This ensures that the flavors are invitingly enhanced and the soup/stew/porridge/curry has the right consistency and texture required for making a fantastic dish.  

In addition to Automatic Sauce Reduction, E15A comes with other patented technologies including precise thermometry, an electro-anti-overflow system and an intelligentanti-burning system. All these features guarantee excellent cooking with minimal human supervision.

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