What is 3-D Temperature Monitoring? How does it help Efficient Cooking?

What is 3-D Temperature Monitoring? How does it help Efficient Cooking?

An automatic meal cooker is one of the most versatile kitchen equipment ever, and a ‘must-have’ in any modern kitchen. It does not use pressure for cooking, takes longer to cook, but has several advantages. Such a cooker uses all the water available to cook, and then switches to the warming mode.

Furthermore, very little heat or steam is lost because of its tight lid. Thus, food stays fresh and moist for long. From cooking red meats, tough vegetables or hard grains, to making bread, desserts or yogurt, automatic meal cookers can fulfill every need. 

Common issues with most cookers 

There are various cooking issues related to temperature control, whatever is the mode of cooking, including pressure-cooking. Ovens are made of multiple electric, electronic and mechanical components like the heating element, temperature sensor, thermostat, oven vent, fan, selector switch, etc. 

One or more of them can malfunction anytime. Moreover,ovens are designed to cook at a temperature lower than what you set it for; this is done in order to ensure that food is not burnt. Another issue is that every oven has its own hot and cold spots; food may get cooked/overcookedin hot spots and uncooked/undercooked in cold spots. 

Heat distribution is not always uniform in open stove cooking; it is dependent on the shape, thickness and material of the vessel. While flat bottom pans do a better job of distributing heat uniformly, thick and deep bottom woks tend to overheat at the bottom and underheat at the top periphery. 

Similar problems occur even with a pressure cooker. One must have enough experience to determine the exact quantity of water and duration needed for cooking. 

The outcome of all these observations is that food either gets overcooked (as in the case of soft grains, vegetables and meats), or undercooked (as with red meats, tough vegetables and hardy grains) or burnt (as with desserts, toasts or dry curries). The uneven temperature distribution results often in the formation of a crust, which is remixed into the food, thereby spoiling its texture. 

How 3D temperature monitoring beats the problem 

Gemside Automatic Meal Cooker E15A provides the answer to all the issues described above. E15A has a patented technology for 3-dimensional temperature monitoring. As the name indicates, the temperature on all sides of the pot is constantly monitored to ensure that there is no overheating or underheating in any part of the pot. Thus, the temperature remains constant at the set value all over the pot for the entire duration of cooking.

 This is how it works: E51A has four temperature sensors, one on the side and three are on the bottom; thanks to these sensors, temperature remains always under smoke point. When any part of the pot becomes excessively hot rapidly, they prevent burning and overflow.

Modern-day automatic meal cookers like E15A use dataanalysis techniques.They have superior sensors, and sophisticated controls, built-in for quick action. Their technology edge helps meet the complex cooking needs of modern-day consumers, who love experimenting with dishes or cuisines from around the world!

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