Travelling when you are a cancer survivor

Recently I travelled with my dad to Texas to visit a friend. My dad has non-hodgkins lymphoma and he is a pure vegetarian. It was hard for me to get a room in this small town in central Texas. Eating out in central Texas is difficult for a vegetarian especially if you want some healthy options as a cancer survivor. Even if you’re not booked into a room with a fully equipped kitchenette, hotel room meals can be a satisfying, healthy and economical alternative to eating out.

I carried my “Gemside Automatic multi function cooker E15A robot cooker” sold in the United States by Best Diners Club in California –

The cooker is small enough to be carried in my suitcase and the cooking dish doubles up as a serving dish as well. The cooking/serving dish is stainless steel and super easy to clean in the hotel room sink.

After we checked into the room, I let my dad rest for some time and take a nap after the long plane journey. While he was sleeping – I plugged in the cooker and added some olive oil to coat the cooking dish. I added some pre-cut fresh vegetables I picked up at the grocery store, added some cumin powder, black pepper and coarse sea salt to the veggies and sautéed it a bit in the dish. I added half a cup of Thai jasmine brown rice to the veggies and sautéed it a bit more until the spices coated the veggies and rice well. The next step was to add 2 cups of water, close the lip and hit the ‘Steamed Rice’ option.

The rice and veggies along with the cumin and pepper gave a wonderful aroma in the room as it was cooking and woke up my dear dad. The rice and veggies dish was done in 20 mins and while my dear dad set the table in our little room with paper plates and cups that we picked up from the grocery store, I picked up the cooking dish and set it in the middle of the table on a white towel, and lit a small candle to give some ambiance to our simple hotel room. My dad and I enjoyed the hot delicious nutritious meal that was so simple and easy to make in the comfort of our hotel room.

Minnie Andrews

Travel Writer and Caregiver

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