Sauce Braised Short Ribs

The key to this dish is the flavor of the sauce. Absorbed into the meat, it blends together with the flavor of the meat and bone. With just one bite, you can taste the essence of the meat juice and the bone. 

[Main Ingredient] 2lb short ribs

[Key Seasonings] 1/3cup soybean paste, 1tbsp oil, and 1/2tsp salt

[Flavor Seasonings] 3 pieces of green onion, 1 piece of ginger, 4tsp cooking wine, 1 piece of star anise, and 5 pieces of Sichuan pepper

[Water Amount] 3 Gemside cups (including all liquid seasonings)


  1. Cut short ribs into chunks, blanch them over boiling water, and then ladle them out and drain.
  2. Cut green onion into pieces and slice the ginger.
  3. Put the prepared main ingredient, seasonings, and water in the pot.
  4. Close the lid and turn on the automatic cooking function by pressing [ASR·Short Ribs] key on the panel. The cooking procedure will be performed automatically.
  5. After finishing cooking, evenly stir the ingredients in the pot before serving.

[Key Points]

  1. Put enough soybean paste so that the dish can have thick fragrance flavor.
  2. When putting in the seasonings, put the soybean paste on top, si its taste can be absorbed easily.
  3. You may use soybean paste, fermented four paste, red oil bean paste, and salted and fermented soybean paste to cook this dish.

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