Sauce Braised Beef Brisket

As one of the classic family dinner entrees, usually, Braised Beef Brisket with Sauce is a signature of advance cooking skills and patience, but now it can be done easily for beginners by using our cooker. Accurate control of heat can enable anyone to be a master of Braised Beef.

[Main Ingredient] 2lb beef brisket

[Key Seasonings] 1/3 cup soybean paste; 1/2 tsp salt

[Flavor Seasonings] 4 pieces of green onion; 6 slices of ginger; 5 pieces of dry chili; 20 pieces of peppercorn; 2 pieces of star anise; 2 pieces of cinnamon; 2 tbsp cooking wine, and 1 tsp dark soy sauce

 [Amount of Water] 6 cups of liquid (including liquid seasonings, e.g. cooking wine and dark soy sauce, etc.)


  1. Cut the beef brisket into 2-3 inch chunks, and put it into the pot with cold water. After boiling keep cooking 5 min. Then wash the blood away and drain the water.
  2. Put the prepared beef brisket, condiments and water in the cooker.
  3. Close the lid and turn on the automatic cooking function by pressing [ASR·Beef] key on the panel. The cooking procedure will be performed automatically.
  4. After finishing cooking, evenly stir the ingredients in the pot before serving.

[Key Points]

  1. Add salt according to your personal preference.
  2. Dark soy sauce is used for coloring. You can cook this dishes without it.
  3. The meat chunks shall not be too small.
  4. If there is too much oil in the pot when cooking is done, pour some of it out before stirring.
  5. If there is too much water, you can turn on the [Dry Up Cooking] function for the second round of sauce reduction.
  6. To get the best result for this dish, you need to fully mix the ingredients before serving.

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