Diced Pork In Oyster Sauce

This dish can be described by the works "perfect combination of good taste and good color". Dices of carrot, pork, potato, and pea are blended together, giving bright colors. And these four ingredients are very nutritious. Using the automatic meal cooker to cook this dish will not cause the loss of the nutrition of this dish due to the high heat. We could say the dish excels in color, aroma, taste, and nutrition.

[Main ingredients] 1/2lb pork belly, 3oz carrot, 3oz potato, and 1 1/2oz green beans

[Seasonings for Marinating] 1tsp dark soy sauce and 2tsp cooking wine

[Key Seasonings] 1tbsp oil, 1tbsp oyster sauce, and 1tsp salt

[Flavor Seasonings] 1 piece of green onion, 2 slices of ginger, and 2tsp cooking wine

[Water Amount] 1/8-1/4 Gemside Cup


  1. Cut the pork belly, potato, and carrot into small pieces.
  2. Put the potato in water and marinate pork belly with seasonings for 20 minutes.
  3. Put all the ingredients, seasonings, and water in the pot.
  4. Close the lid and turn on the automatic cooking function by pressing [H·Dry Up Cooking] key on the panel. The cooking procedure will be performed automatically.
  5. After finishing cooking, evenly stir the ingredients in the pot before serving.

[Key Points]

  1. Cut the pork belly, potato, and carrot in the same size.
  2. You can add mashed garlic when cooking is done per your personal preference.
  3. When adding ingredients to the pot, follow the order of pork belly, carrot, potato, pea, other seasonings and oyster sauce.

This dish can b ...

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