Cauliflower Braised In Tomato Sauce

Cauliflower braised in tomato sauce is a bright-colored dish. The dish uses tomato sauce for seasoning, looks more fresh and juicy, and has a richer taste.

[Main Ingredient] 1/2lb cauliflower

[Key Seasonings] 1tbsp tomato sauce, 1/4tsp salt, and 1/8cup oil

[Flavor Seasonings] 1 piece of green onion and 1 slice of ginger

[Water Amount] 1/8-1/4 Gemside Cup


  1. Break cauliflower into bite-size pieces after washing, mince the green onion, and cut ginger into shreds.
  2. Put seasonings, the main ingredient, and water in the pot.
  3. Close the lid and turn on the automatic cooking function by pressing [H·Dry Up Cooking] key on the panel. The cooking procedure will be performed automatically.
  4. After finishing cooking, evenly stir the ingredients in the pot before serving.

[Key Point]

  1. Place minced green onion and shredded ginger at the bottom of the pot.

Cauliflower bra ...

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