Bak Kut Teh

Bak Kut Teh is a well-known soup in Malaysia. The special smell herbs blend with the rich flavor of the bone. The more you drink, the stronger the flavor you can taste. The more you taste, the more delicious the soup is. It is irresistible.

[Main ingredients] 1 1/2lb short ribs and 2oz mushroom

[Key Seasonings] 1 piece of seasoning bag of Bak Kut Teh, 10 pieces of black pepper, 1tsp dark soy sauce, 1/4cup oyster, and 1/2tsp salt

[Flavor Seasoning] 2 pieces of garlic 

[Water Amount] 7 Gemside cups (including all liquid seasonings)


  1. Chop short ribs into 1inch pieces and blanch in boiling water.
  2. Put the prepared short ribs, seasonings, and water in the pot.
  3. Close the lid and turn on the automatic cooking function by pressing [S·Rib Stew] key on the panel. The cooking procedure will be performed automatically.
  4. After finishing cooking, evenly stir the ingredients in the pot before serving.

[Key Points]

  1. You may enjoy it with fried bread stick and cilantro.
  2. To picking, you can put black pepper in a non-woven bag during cooking.

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